Penguinsbite / Syeda Illustration
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Tools Of The Trade


When the opportunity to design something for a moleskine style sketchbook came up through a friend of theirs, Penguinsbite seized the opportunity. Syeda had recently designed a business card for their sister’s crafting works by making a top down illustration of most of her tools and materials. Syeda thought it would be a wonderful idea to make an artist’s one and maybe even a writer’s one with merchandise of corresponding relevance. Therefore a sketchbook for an artist, ruled notebooks for a writer and perhaps squared/ dotted notebooks for crafters.

That is where this project came from. They felt the back would be empty and knowing that Syeda would likely be selling these at conventions, they thought it would be nice to introduce my original character on the back.

Designed Spring 2019
Published Summer 2019

Sketchbook Design: Art Tools

Sketchbook Design: Art Tools