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For the curious,
First of all, thank you for coming by my site and I hope that your time here is an enjoyable one. I’m sure there will be a true mix of people coming by, from those of you that I’ve had the pleasure to interact with at conventions around the UK and those of you who have kindly found me online and followed my journey at a distance and also those of you who are looking for someone to do a job for you or even those of you who are studying and planning your own journey, looking for perhaps inspiration or ideas. You’re all very appreciated and thank you again for coming by.
So, about me,
I’m a Bengali, British, Muslim illustrator that I know is a mouthful. So you can just call me Pen or Syeda. I was born and brought up in Shropshire, UK and went to study my degree in Visual Communication (A mix of Graphic Design & Illustration) at Birmingham City University’s Institute of Art & Design. During my time there I somehow miraculously won a student Iam Eames Award for Narrative Illustration and since then have spent my years freelancing, working and breaking into Conventions as an artist. I’ve fairly recently landed a full-time design job and have settled into that a bit more, taking a step back from freelance - not to say that I am not taking work still! I am! Shoot me an email or message! - and that’s where I intend to be for some time.

Now, about you,
If you’re interested in hiring me, If my portfolio hasn’t made it fairly clear, I most enjoy character illustration / design and would be happy to do that sort of work for you. I also enjoy editorial work, children’s illustration and young adult book illustration. These are things that I would be more than happy to do, so do contact me for these kinds of work. If you’re interested in asking me about what I do or how I got into comic conventions, then you’re welcome to send me an email asking me your burning questions - I’m still learning myself so please be with me in my answers, they certainly will not be a rulebook but more like options and guidance from my own personal experience. Either way, If you have anything you want to say, then don’t hesitate to say it! (Unless it’s something offensive, then go home)

Again, thank you for coming to my site! Please enjoy yourself here! And if you make any purchases from my store - thank you so much for supporting independent (POC) artists.

Penguinsbite / Syedaillustration